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V-Dimension Solar Messenger Bag

V-Dimension introduces the Optical Messenger Bag. The Optical is a truly innovative product that will forever change the way people use their bags. The messenger bag utilizes patented light optimizing technology which allows you to conveniently charge your iPods, cell phones, iPhone and PDAs with high efficiency.

With each year that passes, people are becoming increasingly dependant on their cell phones, iPods and blackberries.The Optical Messenger Bag will give them the ability to easily keep these devices charged all day in the front pocket of their bag. With this ability comes the peace of mind of knowing that one's cell phone will never die on them when they need it the most.

The Optical optimizes the power of light using only one small solar panel. The messenger bag is fashionable and practical while the technology that powers it remains inconspicuous. Constructed using durable 840D nylon twill, the bag features a laptop sleeve and multiple exterior and interior pockets. The Optical brings a new and exciting dimension to your messenger bag, ensuring you will never find yourself out of touch or out of tune again.

The Optical is your alternative energy solution to keep your electronic devices fully charged.
  • Patent pending technology allows the solar panel to charge iPhones, iPods, PDAs, cell phones and most small electronic devices with high efficiency
  • Adapters included: iPod/iPhone, mini-USB, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola
  • Automatic switchboard allows consumer to charge all iPhones, iPods, PDAs, cell phones under one setting
  • Charges all iPhones,iPods and cell phones in approximately 2 hours · Storage capacity up to 2 full charges
  • Constructed using rugged 840D nylon twill
  • Supports notebooks up to 15.4 inches
  • Features multiple exterior and interior pockets
  • Technology designed and assembled by V-Dimension in California
Apperance design, features & specifications are subject to change without notice.
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